Judy Radul: To Shine

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A catalogue produced in conjunction with Judy Radul's exhibition at Western Front in 1992. Curator Brice MacNeil describes Radul’s work as being best characterized by the artist/author’s physical and vocal presence in her work. The texts by MacNeil, Scott Watson, and Susan Lord discuss the voice/body relationship and the language/image relationship in Radul’s performances and videos, alongside concepts of identity, gender, and feminism. The book also includes documentation and excerpts from several of Radul's performances. 

Catalogue. Curated by Brice MacNeil. Contributions by Brice MacNeil, Scott Watson, and Susan Lord.

Softcover, 32 pages, black and white, and colour illustrations

8” x 9”

Western Front, Vancouver (1993)

ISBN: 0920974260