past • piano • present: Live at Western Front 1985–2015

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This album includes the work of four innovative pianists that performed at the Western Front between 1985 and 2015. The record features archival performances from the legendary Anthony Davis and Vancouver renegade Al Neil, as well as a Paul Plimley performance from the 1989 Vancouver du Maurier International Jazz Festival. Side B includes two pieces from Toronto composer John Kameel Farah, developed and performed during his 2015 compositional residency at Western Front. The limited edition LP features cover art by Eric Metcalfe.

Contributions by Anthony Davis, Paul Plimley, Al Neil, and John Kameel Farah. Produced by DB Boyko. Recording engineering by David Kelln, Doug Brown, Iain Macanulty, Ben Wilson. Restoration engineering by Sheldon Zaharko. Mastering engineering by Timothy Stollenwerk. Liner notes by Dana Reason. Copy editing by Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross. Cover art by Eric Metcalfe. Design by Post Projects.

12” vinyl LP

Western Front, Vancouver (2015)