Kati Campbell: Symptom

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A catalogue of Kati Campbell’s 1990 exhibition at Western Front, with colour and black and white photo-documentation and essays by Annette Hurtig and Donna Zapf. Hurtig writes about Campbell’s “discursive critiques of the patriarchal power structures encoded in and by contemporary culture” and her investigation of the coverage of the murder, by Marc Lépine, of fourteen women in Montréal in 1989. Donna Zapf’s essay takes up the question posed by Symptom: “what is the importance of a theoretically and conceptually based practice enacted within the gallery space, in light of the political violence perpetrated against women, in light of an urgent need for social change?”

Curated by Annette Hurtig. Additional contribution by Donna Zapf. Design by Keith Martin.

Softcover, 16 pages, colour illustrations

8½” x 11”

Western Front, Vancouver (1992)

ISBN: 0920974201