Jin-Me Yoon: Between Departure and Arrival

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The catalogue for Jin-me Yoon’s 1997 exhibition at Western Front, Between Departure and Arrival, contains essays by Judy Radul and Hyun Yi Kang, as well as a conversation between Yoon and Monika Kin Gagnon. Radul’s essay on the exhibition examines the concepts of movement and boundaries in Yoon’s work, and reflects on the ways in which Yoon utilizes photography and video media to explore the formation of identity, memory, and self. Kang centres on the strategies of performance and staging used by Yoon in the works Souvenirs of the Self and Screens. Gagnon’s interview incorporates transcriptions taken from several conversations between the writer and artist, and covers a range of topics generated from Yoon’s practice, including “the naturalization of Canadian national identity and its social, cultural, and historical construction through representation,” and “the specificity of Korean history and [Yoon’s] tenuous yet tenacious connection with that history” as the two guiding strains of Yoon’s work.

Edited by Judy Radul. Contributions by Hyun Yi Kang, and Monika Kin Gagnon and Jin-me Yoon. Design by cardigan.com.

Softcover, 78 pages, colour illustrations

10¾ x 7¼"

Western Front, Vancouver (1998)

ISBN: 9780920974308