Diana Kemble: Immersion

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An artist book by Diana Kemble, published by Western Front in 1983. The book contains a collection of multimedia collage imagery and poetic text inspired by Kemble’s Strathcona neighbourhood in Vancouver. Kemble writes in the afterword:  

I lived from 1977 to 1983 in a small grey and cream painted frame house (ca. 1910) in the east Vancouver neighbourhood of Strathcona. an area rich in colours of pink and red and the patterns of many kinds of people. the first place to those who came. at present largely Chinese. near the port of Vancouver near the railway near the core of the new city. the words and images from an urban lane making a garden making music talking dreaming listening to trains.

Text and images by Diana Kemble. 

Softcover, 52 pages, black and white illustrations

8½” x 5½”

Western Front, Vancouver (1983)