Kathy Slade: Embroidered Monochrome Propositions and Other New Work

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The catalogue for Embroidered Monochrome Propositions and Other New Work, an exhibition at Western Front in 2002 that presented a number of minimalist textile works incorporating Kathy Slade’s interests in design, decorative art, art historical, literary, and popular culture sources. The publication includes an introduction and overview of the work by curator Jonathan Middleton, an interview between Slade and Patrik Andersson, and an essay by Lisa Robertson. These texts analyze and explore themes in Slade’s work including craft and womens’ work, the decorative arts, feminism and labor histories, and minimalist and conceptual practices.

Curated by Jonathan Middleton. Contributions by Patrik Andersson and Kathy Slade, and Lisa Robertson. Design by Robin Mitchell for Picnic.

Softcover, 40 pages, colour illustrations

7 1/8” x 5 11/16” 

Western Front, Vancouver (2002)

ISBN: 0920974406